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Lisse Skin Therapy devices are a result of years of research, ensure you have purchased an authentic Lisse Skin Therapy device by looking for the Lisse logo. Don’t accept imitations.

Product Specification

Blue light – 427 nm
Red Light – 625 nm
Heating 45 Celsius +/- 2 degrees celcius
Cooling 10 Celsius +/- 2 degrees celcius
Vibration: 10K RPM
Infrared – 830nm
Product size: 17 X 4.8 X 4.8 cm
Weight: 140g

LISSE Skin Therapy is an at-home beauty device designed to treat multiple signs of aging through the use of both red and blue LED care, heating and cooling therapy, as well as vibration massage. Continued use of this device assists in the appearance of reduced facial lines, minimized pores, skin imperfections, and the overall appearance of the skin.

Features at a Glance
What’s Included

Lisse Face Device

USB Charger


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