LISSE Skin Therapy is an at-home beauty device designed to treat multiple signs of aging through the use of both red and blue LED care, heating and cooling therapy, as well as vibration massage. Continued use of this device assists in the appearance of reduced facial lines, minimized pores, skin imperfections, and the overall appearance of the skin.

Product Specifications

When charging, device will show a red light which will then turn green once sufficiently charged. Unplug the cable to stop charging the device.

Input Power: USB
Charging Time: Approximately 2 hours
Battery Life: Warming 60 minutes, Cooling 40 minutes

Purchase a Lisse Device in leading Spas and Boutique Retailers.

Lisse Skin Therapy harnesses the benefits of this therapy for facial beautification, using natural light waves transmitted by LEDs into the skin, and enhancing the experience using heating and cooling while adding vibrating massage.

In just 10-15 minutes daily, you can experience dynamic changes in the appearance of your skin.

Treatment Areas

Instructional Videos